Thursday, February 23, 2012

March Madness!

I can't believe another March is upon us! For those who are just tuning in, March is usually my busiest month, for some reason it always works that way. To add to the sleep-deprived craziness, two years ago, I started March Madness to keep myself from slipping into permanent insanity. Basically, I work from the early morning until way late at night. By that time, my eyes hurt from painting and illustrating all day and my brain is playing all kinds of tricks on my sanity. To calm these thoughts, I draw leisurely for a little while until the craziness subsides, and the sleep train comes and takes me on a three hour tour of dreamland. . . Then I wake up and do it again. Those "leisurely drawings" are the content for March Madness!!

Third month of the year = $30 drawings, one for every day of the month. If you have ever wanted a piece from me, now is the time!!!
Here is how it works: At 12pm (aka noon, east coast time!) I will post an ink drawing in the STORE. Each drawing will have been made the night before. It is good opportunity to buy crappy original artwork.
The best way to keep updated is FACEBOOK or TWITTER, where the link to that day's drawing will be posted.

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